Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pray for Oklahoma

Hello all.  I live about 45 minutes north of Moore, OK (for three more weeks).  The meteorologists told us that Monday would be a high risk for tornadoes.  They are incredibly good at predicting bad storms...ultimately saving thousands of lives.  My children's school district called before noon to tell parents we could come get our kids.  I did go get my girls.  Then a little after 2 pm, I watched in horror as the Moore tornado formed before my very eyes on TV.  I grew up in north Texas. Tornadoes are not at all unfamiliar to me, but this was...horrible.  Here are some pics I took of my TV from Channel 4 coverage to send to my husband as I was talking, and honestly crying, on the phone to him.  I knew it was really bad.

This grew in a matter of minutes and is being reported as one of the top two worst tornadoes ever.  

We have friends that live in Moore.  My husband and I were texting them trying to find out about their safety. Thankfully they are all ok.  But, when I heard that it hit schools...my heart just absolutely broke.  I think every parent understands.  When you hear reporters choking back tears, you know it's really bad.

But to quote Sheperd Smith from Fox News, Oklahoma is "heartland strong".  This is an amazing state with amazing people.  We will help each other get through this.  

So I just simply ask that you please pray for Moore, Oklahoma and the rest of the state as many got hit by tornadoes on Sunday.  Pray for more survivors to be found today.  Pray for the families that lost loved ones.

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