Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week Seven Giveaway!

So, I am continuing with my 15 Weeks of Giveaways.  The Week Seven Giveaway is for a brand new package of red deco flex tubing! To enter the drawing, comment below by telling me what you like to do for the Fourth of July.  Please add a name and e-mail address to your comment so that I can contact you if yo win.  OR, you can comment under the Document "Week 7 Giveaway" in the PYL FB Group.    The drawing will be Monday, June 25th at 9pm CST.  Good Luck!!!

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  1. My favorite thing to do on the 4th of July is....Going to OBX (outer banks)as a family week vacation we cook out and spend time as a family at the beach then at dark we watch all the fireworks that are being let off over the ocean. This is my favorite holiday and one of my favorite things to do all year cause we spend time as a family and just relax and do things that we enjoy.
    Kristen Wettstein

  2. The 4th is the only holiday that my husband and I actually have ALL of our blended family together at the same time EVERY YEAR! We always have an afternoon swim "birthday party" for all of the summer birthdays in our family (there are 5 in June and July) at the in-laws house. While the kiddos are swimming, the hubs and I sneak away for a little bit to purchase fireworks. When the kids are all water-logged, we grill out and have cake and presents. After dark, we fire up the sky and eat home-made ice cream! It is such a great day of multiple celebrations with our entire family...all of our family photos are from the 4th of July!
    Jeri Lynne Knight

  3. I just love all this tubing i have only used it once though and thank you for all your giveaways

  4. It's my mom's birthday, so I like to invite her over to my house to celebrate her birthday and the fourth. We have a bbq, and fireworks. We also usually will make a craft or two. She helps me since i'm new at this stuff :) It's always a good time when I get to see my family since we live a ways away. Thanks for reading!

  5. My family and I love to have a cook-out and then we sit on our back porch and watch fireworks!

  6. Well, it's my birthday so I usually make a cake for the country & I . But I love watching fireworks, not so much the lighting.

  7. Fourth of July is me and my husbands anniversary. We make fun all the time, we lost our independence on independence day. lol. We always watch fireworks and go eat somewhere.

    ( angel_leigh_2005@yahoo.com)

  8. For the 4th of July my family always gets together and has a cookout. We play some basketball, have some drinks and then, as a group, we find the best spot to watch the fireworks. It's one of my favorite holidays since it brings us all together!


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