Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guest Designer Nicole Strickland and her DIY Work Wreath

Hello Everyone,

I recently asked PYL FB group regular to be a guest on the blog and share her much sought after tips for making your own work wreath.  So many of you don't have local access to work wreaths and have asked how to make your own.  So here is a fabulous DIY from Nicole.  Check it out!!!

Hey Y’all, My name is Nicole Strickland.  I recently started making deco mesh wreaths around Christmas 2011. I came across Angela’s videos and they were super simple to follow. So BIG THANKS to Angela for introducing me to a hobby that I love  and thanks for introducing me to Hobby Lobby and my countless trips there each week(lol)… 
 If you’re like me, the nearest local stores to purchase ready made work wreaths are an hour and half away or longer. So, I make my own…This is an inexpensive, yet easy project, so lets get started:)  (Oh, by the way, you will see that I place my pipe cleaners different on each base…But, you can place however you like:)

Step 1: Buy Supplies
·         Wire Form (I get mine from HL…$3.99, don’t forget 40% coupon:)
·         OR…you can use a grapevine wreath (your craft stores have them)                  
·         Pipe Cleaners ( Not the skimpy ones) I choose my color according to my mesh.
·         Pink Scissors :)
·         Zip ties

Step 2: With the wire form, twist your pipe cleaners around each cross bar (I CHOSE to do the INNER row) and then secure with a zip tie

For the grapevine wreath: Bring your pipe cleaner through a couple of branches (close to the inside) and twist…No zip tie needed because there is no sliding with the branches…

TIP: Also with the grapevine wreath, I find it helpful to go ahead and just place my pipe cleaners(not twisting yet) to get the right placement.

Step 3: Start outer row…With the wire form, I chose to go in between the pipe cleaners of my inner row...SEE…I wrapped my pipe cleaner around the last 3 rings, but you can do the last 2…Twist tight so it won’t move and then I secure it in the middle with a zip tie just in case…I have not had any problems with it sliding…                                                                  

For the grapevine wreath:  I started my outer row parallel to my pipe cleaner on the inside row…Just because I wanted my poofs side by side when I put my deco mesh on…

Step 4: Continue all the way around outer ring and it will look like this when you finish…

The Mickey Mouse is a Wire Form…The Easter is on a grapevine wreath…HTH :)

Thank you SO much Nicole for this awesome tutorial!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Take time to "Prettify Your Life"!

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