Friday, May 25, 2012

Ah, Maine!

Hi Everyone!!!  I have been in Maine all week, relaxing with my husband.  Now, I've visited New England several times, but always in the fall.  I am a typical "leaf peeper".  I was born in the fall.  I ADORE the fall.  So, I was curious how I would like New England in the spring.  Well, let me tell you, I loved it!  Everything was so GREEN (my favorite color), and, at times, a beautiful lime green.  There were flowers and trees up there that I've never seen.  The scenery was abundant and beautiful.  It seems as though "Mainers" (as I heard them called on the radio) have quite the green thumb.

 Now, it must be said that I am NOT a beach person.  I am a mountain person, but I found myself quite at peace on the Maine coast...and yearning to be by the sea....which I found very strange.  I had to ask myself, WHY?  I've thought about it all week, and I've come up with a few reasons.  First of all, it's not bleeding hot in New fact it was, at times, COLD.  I like cool and cold, even though I grew up in Texas and live in Oklahoma.  Secondly, I am fascinated with the architecture.  I would love to have a little Maine clapboard house with flowers and a rock fence and a fancy mermaid weathervane on top.  The houses inspire me.  I love driving through the little coastal towns and seeing the starfish leaning in the windows.  I love seeing the lobster buoys hanging everywhere.  I love the purple trees.  So, in a's simply well-decorated...and you know I appreciate good decorating.

I came back inspired from my vacay and plan on bringing some Maine to Oklahoma in the near future.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures from my trip.

What kind of trees are these?  Does anybody know???

SO green...LOVE!

Southerner's flip flop tan in the COLD Atlantic.

Nubble Lighthouse

Portland Head Lighthouse

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  1. Beautiful photos! Sounds like you had wonderful time)))

  2. Those tress are red maples. Gorgeous, aren't they? We have them all over in Virginia, too.


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