Friday, April 20, 2012

Oklahoma Land Run Doorscape!

When I was in school I certainly learned about the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889, but, being from Texas, studying other local events (like the Alamo) were emphasized more.  So, now that I live in Oklahoma and have children, I am getting to learn more about the history of Oklahoma (an awesome state), including the Oklahoma Land Run which settled the area I live in---all in one day!  My daughter's grade will be reenacting this event today at school, and I am so excited to go see it!  Why did I decorate my door this theme?  Well, my mother, unknowingly, challenged me to do it.  She asked me one day on the phone if I was going to make a Land Run doorscape for my oldest daughter's reenactment, since I had already made a bee doorscape for my youngest daughter's play.  Well, naturally after that, I had to create this doorscape.  For more info about the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889, click here.  Also, you might have seen Hollywood reenact this event in the movie "Far and Away".  Here is the clip:

There were "Boomers", those that started the Run when they were supposed to (when the cannon went off), and there were "Sooners" (basically cheaters) that had staked out land the night before.  So, now you might understand the University of Oklahoma's chant "Boomer Sooner"...or sort of like me.  Are they call themselves cheaters or people that play by the rules?  JUST KIDDING with my Oklahoma viewers out there!  (Gig 'Em Aggies)

While this design scheme is very specific, there are definitely elements in this that could be used for a Western-themed party.  Here are pics of my Oklahoma Land Run Doorscape:

Yes, I made this garden flag, my first attempt at this.  It was tedious, and I was up until 2am finishing the stupid flag (did I say that out loud?).  It's a no sew project.  It's a little rough around the edges, but it fits the theme.  And I am pleased with the way it turned out.  I will have another separate post explaining how I did it later.  

And here is my video:

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