Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Gift Inspired by Pinterest!

My daughter was invited to a birthday party, so I decided to create a birthday gift inspired by an "Everything in a Jar" project I saw on Pinterest.  The original idea comes from a blog called The Gunny Sack.  To see the original post click here.

I love to see and encourage people to craft, so I decided to create a "Crafting in a Jar" present for the birthday girl!  Here is my How To:

Step 1: Buy your Supplies!
The jar is from Hobby Lobby, and all the crafting supplies are from Wal-Mart.  It gave me great pleasure to buy a gift that a child could use to create art with rather than buy some toy she may play with for only a few days.

I took the markers out of the packaging, placed a rubber band around them, and finished them off with a cute ribbon.

Step 2:  Stuff the Jar!

Step 3: Add some ribbon!

I adhered the grosgrain ribbon to the jar using glue dots.

Step 4: Add a jar label, pretty ribbon and a birthday tag!

 I had a leftover birthday tag from the Teacher Valentine gifts.  I thought it worked perfectly.  I really need to get in the habit of occasionally making some cards to keep on hand.

Special Note:  I used an Avery shipping label.  Not completely happy with the results.  I think it would look better on stiff cardstock with pop dots or the extra thick glue dots so that the label doesn't have to curve around the jar and over the ribbon.  But, it was late last night, and it had to suffice.  You ever have one of those crafting nights?  However, I was quite pleased with the overall result.

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