Thursday, January 26, 2012

Parisian Tablescape

So I've been planning my tablescape for the Daddy/Daughter Dance for a week or so.  I decided on a Paris Theme.  Below are pics of the finished project.  My friend, Charity, helped me get everything staged. Thanks SO much Charity!!  I'm super please with the way it turned out.  Everything came from Hobby Lobby except the ribbon for the chairs (Sam's during Christmas), a couple of faux diamonds (Michael's), some costume jewelry (from my daughter's stash), and the little faux chocolates (local retailer).  Take a look:

My friend had the fabulous idea of draping the vinyl tablecloth material (that you get on the big rolls) over the  chairs and tying them with ribbon.  I think it really completes the look!  Thanks Charity!

I love this very sophisticated lady!  I tried to keep things low on the table, but I was draw to her at the store, and I think she looks "fabulous" as the centerpiece!

There are the placemats I made.  For a how-to tutorial, check out the Parisian Placemat post here.

The tablecloth was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.  There is a basic vinyl pink tablecloth on the bottom.  Then I cut two strips of hot pink satin ribbon and laid them over the pink tablecloth at both ends.  Next, I put down the black and white piece of fabric, draped two more pieces of ribbon on the top.  Then I gathered the ribbon from underneath and tied it to the ribbon on top in pretty bows, basically sandwiching the black and white fabric between the layers of ribbon.  Thx Pinterest!

 Love how Charity curled the ribbons on the backs of the chairs!

The table overlay is just a 9 foot piece of fabric bought at Hobby Lobby (on sale).  Now, it must be said that I do NOT sew.  But I remember seeing Sandra Lee make no sew tablecloths, so I thought "What the heck?  I'll give it a try!"  I placed Heat Bond tape on the back side of the fabric close to the edge.  Then I folded the fabric edge over on top of the heat bond and ironed over it for about 3 seconds.  Ta Da..a finished looking edge without getting out a sewing machine!  Can I just tell you that I LOVE this technique!  I will be using it again.

Hope you enjoyed my little taste of Paris!  Don't forget to vote for PYL on Top Mommy Blogs and Picket Fence Blogs.  Both links are at the top of the right hand column.

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  1. Fabulous just Fabulous. I love this one just has much has I loved the one from the last D and D Dance. I just love watching all your videos and looking at your pictures. You are so talented and have inspired me to try alot of things I would have never thought of or even tried to do. Thank you so much for the time you put into this blog and your FB page

    1. Thanks so much Patricia! I'm glad you are crafting. That's my purpose for this show people that it's not as hard as they think to decorate and craft!

  2. Oh that looks so great !!!! Where did you find the candles , I would love to get some of those ! TFS !

  3. You are so talented!! I love the lady, how fun!! Keep the posts coming I love your style!!


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