Monday, January 23, 2012

Fabulous 50,000 Give-A-Way and New PYL Contest!!!

Can you BELIEVE PYL has had over 50,000 hits???  I can't!  So, to show my appreciation, I am holding a Give-A-Way.  In order to enter you must either comment below this post or on the PYL FB page under the "Fabulous 50,000 Give-A-Way" Document and tell me what your favorite PYL video is.  One entry per person please. So, what does one lucky person win?  Check it out:

It's a super cute, brand new magnetic heart chalkboard from The Roundtop Collection (one of my fav companies) the oval one you've seen on my island in some of my videos.  I picked this up today, especially for y'all!  I have to admit, I bought myself one of these too that you will see later this week in my Valentine Island video.  Winner will be drawn Friday night, January 27th.  So Good Luck!


Now it's time for PYL's second contest!  Per viewer request, the contest is going to be for Best Spring Tablescape.  I'm not getting specific...whatever Spring means to you.  Decorate your breakfast, dining room, or outdoor table in your most fabulous Spring decor.  One entry per person.  Items on the table can be store bought, handmade, or a combination of both.  However, only members of the PYL Facebook Group will be eligible to vote.  Entries are due in by February 19th.  I want to give you plenty of time to plan and have a couple of weeks to hit those craft store sales!  Voting will be from February 21-29th.  The winner will be announced March 1st.  So what do you win?  Here's the Low Down:

2 work wreaths
2 work garlands
4 rolls of deco mesh
1 package of deco flex tubing
1 package of glamour rope
and a surprise

So, put your thinking caps on and show me your Sassy Spring Style!!!  

Send a pic of your completed tablescape to and your entry will be added to the contest!

:-) Angela


  1. My favorite so far is actually the series for newbies on how to make a deco mesh wreath. It got me started crafting again and now I'm obsessed!!!!

  2. Please enter me! I can't find one of those oval chalk boards anywhere! congrats!

  3. I love this sight so much and although I don't know any of the ladies personally I think of you all as my newbee's. Love the sight and all the great crafts ides I have learned. Thanks Angela!!!!! and PYL.... Shirley:)

  4. Hey Angela! My favorite PYL video is actually 3 - I LOVE your Craft Room Tour - all 3 parts! Your craft room is adorable and it's no wonder you come up with so many wonderful crafts with all the supplies you have at your fingertips and in such an ORGANIZED way that I think is awesome!! Congrats on making your 50,000 hit mark!

  5. Def count me in!!

    My favorite (not really video, per se) but I love your little "hauls"-- things that you buy at certain places. When you show your letters, ribbon, etc. from wherever!! I truly love to see what you get and where! :)

    Thank you... and congrats!!

  6. My favorite is the video where you show how to make a basic deco mesh wreath. That is all it I am HOOKED!!! Thank YOU!!!


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