Monday, December 12, 2011

Connecting with the Crafter: Rachel Stone

Today PYL is featuring crafter Rachel Stone. Here was her wreath entry for the Sugarplums and Snowmen Wreath Contest.

Now take a moment to get to know a little about Rachel by reading her "Connecting with the Crafter" interview with PYL.

What's your name?
Rachel Stone

Where do you live?
Lafayette, LA

What was the inspiration for your wreath entry in the contest?
The wreath with pine cones and berries, as well as the two wooden candles. I wanted a more "Old-Time Christmas" feel from this wreath.

What/When did you start crafting?
 When I was really little, I helped my mom and grandmother paint their ceramics (which I wouldn't necessarily trust my kids to do). Then when I got a bit older, my mom and I started painting t-shirts, which was all the rage. I've dabbled in lots of crafts and wreath making for years. When I see something, I usually see how I could duplicate it. That's why Pinterest is so bad for me! I currently have three projects going (other than wreath making) that I saw online!

Where's your favorite place to find craft supplies?
Hobby Lobby - because of their sales!! I also like finding supplies at unusual places. To date, the strangest place I've bought supplies is Academy and the gas station.

Tell us about your crafting space--spacious crafting suite or I craft like a nomad--constantly on the move to the best space available at the time!
I'm a crafting nomad. I set up at the coffee table in the den when the family is away, sometimes at the kitchen table, even my bed.

What's your favorite occasion to craft for?
Halloween-It's a great decorating time minus the stress that comes with the other holidays!

Besides crafting, what other things do you like to do?
Cooking (most of the time, when I'm feeling inspired) camping, canoeing, hiking, spending time with the family--but crafting actually supersedes all but the family. I LOVE to create!!

And these are just for fun:

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Cerulean - it's a blue. But only because it's a cool name. I'm more Red by nature!

Coffee or Soda?
Diet Coke

And finally, Tis the Season:

“Miracle on 34th Street” or “A Christmas Story” or “Christmas Vacation”?
 Miracle on 34th Street - it drives my husband crazy that I haven't seen Christmas Vacation in it's entirety at one setting.

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