Sunday, November 27, 2011

PYL Is About Town in Boerne, Texas

I recently decided that whenever I find some local businesses with wreath supplies and decor I would share them with my viewers.  This past week I was down in the San Antonio area in a town called Boerne, Texas.  As we were driving down Main Street or Hauptstrasse (German town) I saw the front of this building covered in deco mesh, so naturally I had to stop. 

The business is called "The Rusty Bucket" and carries home decor items.  The owner attached the deco mesh with a staple gun.  She said that she will be carrying deco mesh after the first of the year.  Then she told me that a store down the street had some.  So my deco mesh adventure continued...

This store is called "La Te Da" and is FABULOUS!  So many sparkly things!  Great for girl birthday decor or, in my case, the PYL craft room...lots of pink, glitter, Paris-themed items, fairies...very feminine!  I had to hold back!!!  She sells the metallic deco mesh year round in pink, aqua, green, and silver.  She sometimes carries seasonal colors.  The prices range from $13-$20 a roll.  So as we have found before, local is usually more expensive but nice to have in a pinch.

So if you are ever in Boerne, TX stop by and check these stores out!

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