Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's here...the Sugarplums and Snowmen Contest!!!!!

Below are all the entries for the Sugarplums and Snowmen Contest.  I must say, fantastic job!!!  Thank you all for participating.  I am so excited to see who wins!!!

Remember, anyone can vote.  The voting poll is in the right colunm of the blog, and I will be putting an easy link to this blog post in the right column as well.  Please noet that the Contestant is listed, and her entry picture is posted below her name.  Good Luck!!!

1. Emily Jones

2. Brittani Shahlaie

3.  Sheila Walker

4.  Martha Cochran

5.  Jessica Hill

6.  Cindy Ackley-Ginnetti

7.  Whitney Townsend

8.  Sheila McDonald

9.  Jean Wagoner

10.  Mary Harvey

11.  Lisa Gray

12.  Rachel Stone

13.  Julia Brown

14.   Katherine Watkins

15.  Patricia Engle

16.  Jaimie Engle

17.  Polly Brown

18.  Brandy Adkins

19.  Heather Klein

20.  Travina Brown

21.  Kelly Koffler

22.  Angela Collins

23.  Sherri York

24.  Beth Morton

25.  Kelly Smith

26.  Amy Shelton

27.  Cathy Burnett

28.  Laura Knowlton

29.  Rhonda Emanuel

30.  Kathy Bryant

31.  Annie Scott

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