Thursday, November 17, 2011

Episode 58: Angela's Basic Wreath Formula for Newbies

A lot of newbies have said that they are overwhelmed and don't know where to start or what to buy in order to make a fabulous deco mesh wreath.  But, they know the want to MAKE one.  So, I've put together my Basic Wreath Formula.  It's simple.  Five supplies, with one optional component.  Done.

Supply List:

1.  Wreath Base--Work wreath, plain Christmas wreath, or a wire floral form with pipe cleaners
2.  One 21" x 10 yard roll of deco mesh
3.  10-15 yards of ribbon for wreath loops and a wreath bow.  Wire ribbon is best.
(Optional):  10 yards of deco flex tubing
4.  Embellishments--for example, a Dollar Tree sleeve of ornaments
5.  Picks--3 to 5

And Ta-Da!  You have yourself a fabulous wreath for about $30 that people are charging $60-$90 for in the stores.  Here's the Video:

And here are pics of the supplies:

Supply #1:  Wreath Base (work wreath shown below, $7)

Supply #2:  One 21" x 10 yard roll of deco mesh (has several names...all will work)
Hobby Lobby, $5 on sale

Supply #3:  Ribbon--at least 10 yards. Hobby Lobby, $10 on sale

Optional Supply--Deco Flex Tubing.  Local Store, $7.

Supply #4:  Embellishments.  Dollar Tree, $1.

Supply #5:  Picks--3 to 5 for a wreath. Hobby Lobby, about $.67 a piece.

The Finished Wreath using my Basic Wreath Formula

Check the website links in the left-hand column of my blog for resources.  Additionally, I have a Retail and Online Supply List on my FB Group--Prettify Your Life.  The direct link to the FB Group is located at the top in the left-hand column of my blog. 



  1. Hey there!

    I was looking on for ideas for wreaths and noticed that some had spiral deco.
    Do you have any videos showing how to do that? Or can you do one?

    Thanks so much!


  2. Also...I've looked at Michaels and AC Moore for things to put on wreaths with no luck. Maybe I'm just not being creative enough. But do you have any recommendations for places to get these kinds of things?


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