Thursday, October 27, 2011

My First Experience with Iron-On or Heat Transfer T-Shirt Vinyl

Hi Everyone!

In preparation for my child's Harvest Party at school, I decided to personalize goodie bags using a technique that I've been curious about ever since reading a blog post from scrapping blog, Joy's Life(  So, I ordered my iron-on vinyl from and got down to crafting!

Here is the finished project.  I cut out my name and a pumpkin face for the test run using my Cricut Expression.  The name is cut using Cricut cartridge "Feeling Groovy" at 1.5", and the pumpkin face, which was inspired from a project my friend Rachel did, is from Cricut cartridge "Pumpkin Carving" at 3".

The goodie bags (6" x 6") are from Michael's (3 for $1).

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here.  I followed the great You Tube video step-by-step.  It worked perfectly!!!

Here are some pics of the vinyl before and after a term you might hear called "weeding".  Weeding simply means taking off the excess vinyl around the edges and those pesky little bits in the middle of o's, a's, e's...etc.

Pros of the Vinyl:
1. Super easy to cut.
2. Even easier to weed than regular vinyl, which surprised me considering my letters were only 1.5".  Because the shiny side is the built in transfer tape, the cut letters and images don't lift off with all the scraps you are trying to get rid of before transferring.
3.  Super fast to iron-on.
4. Professional looking.
5. Comes in an array of colors.

Con of the Vinyl:
1. Expensive. $6.49 for one sheet of 12" x 24"

Lastly, Expressions Vinyl sells swatches of the colors.  I love swatches because I really like to have the colors in front of me so that I know the exact one to order.  Color and tone are not always easy to judge on the computer. 

Expressions Vinyl calls this a Sampler Kit.  $3.99

In conclusion, I HIGHLY recommend this product. Here is the direct link to the iron-on or heat transfer t-shirt vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. A link to the website is also on my blog.  The shipping was SUPER fast which always scores MAJOR points with me!  I think I got my order the very next day!

Hope you give iron-on vinyl a try!

:-) Angela


  1. Your treat bags are too cute! As a teacher, I know how much I appreciate a parent going the extra mile! You win the "Involved Mom Award" this week! Go, Angela!! :0)

  2. Thanks Nena! The kids LOVED them, so it made me happy!!


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