Monday, October 24, 2011

Episode 50: How to Use the EZ Bowmaker

I have read several great reviews of the EZ Bowmaker on the PYL FB Group, so I thought I would buy one and give it a try. I have always made my bows by hand, so I was a bit skeptical. Here's my analysis:

EZ Bowmaker, purchased at Michael's.  Retails for $9.99, but I used a 40% off mobil coupon.

Great for even loops.
Helps hold the bow in place while you are working on it.
It includes instructions for several different types of bows.
The finished product is symmetrical and professional looking.

It is cumbersome at first.
It is slower going, especially if you are used to whipping bows out by hand. (But I suspect with time the process will get easier and faster).
The ribbon spool dowel gets in the way, so I don't use it.

In general, I recommend it and am glad I have it on hand. HTH!

Here are some pics.  Video demonstration to follow.

The far dowel is for the ribbon spool (the one I won't be using).

The bowmaker has an 8 inch ruler on either side of the three middle dowels. 
The three middle dowels are the center point of the bow.

My finished wreath bow using the EZ Bowmaker.

And the demonstration video:

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