Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Craft Room (Part 1): The Furniture

A subscriber recently asked me, "What are the essential pieces for starting a craft room?"  An interesting question.  So, here's my take...what works for me.  Let's start with the furniture.

A big work table is a must.  I currently have a work table from IKEA.  It works, but I am looking to upgrade to something with a lot more storage on the sides.  If you have a recommendation, PLEASE let me know.  Here is a pic of something similar to what I use (though mine has a solid top):

The next thing that I think is important is storage.  I use mainly three different kinds of storage.  First, the  Jetmax Cubes from Michael's.  (Never pay full price.  Michael's runs these on sale frequently):

(Not my craft room, just a stock photo.  But I have almost all of these configurations.  For more pics and pieces, check out the Michael's website at  They typically run about $25 each. 

Secondly, I have both of these shelving units from IKEA (reasonably priced and sturdy):

IKEA sells coordinating boxes or baskets to go into the cubbies as well.  The large unit is $69.99, and the small unit is $39.99

Lastly, I use the Target ClosetMaid 9 Cube Organizer ($39.99) and coordinating hot pink cubes. ($5.99 for one or $11.24 for a two pack).  Also very reasonably priced.  While I love the array of colors that the cubes come in, they are a bit flimsy if you are going to be putting anything heavy in them.  They are made out of a canvas type material and don't hold their shape like the baskets Target also sells to go in the unit.  (But I couldn't pass up the hot pink!)

In the next post, I will be discussing essential tools.

HTH!  :-) Angela

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  1. My craft room is quite small and I have decided to build a craft desk using 2 - 9-cube shelves for the legs/storage, and the top will be MDF cut to size. Above the desk I plan to hang peg board and a ribbon/paper organizer.


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