Friday, September 16, 2011

Episode 36: A Deco Mesh Candy Corn Tree

I decided to do a little something different with deco mesh and give wreaths a break for a bit.  Check out the pics of my candy corn tree!  I can't wait to make some Christmas creations using this technique as well! Wouldn't this also look great at a birthday party in cute colors and embellished with some themed items?  The possibilites are endless.

Here is a pic of some of the supplies you will need.  Assorted deco mesh (3.5 inches wide), floral pins, Diva scissors, and (not shown) a  4 7/8 x 17 7/8 styrofoam cone.

Here is the How-To video.  Happy Creating!!!


  1. Hey Angela!

    I was wondering how did you start the layers? Did you cut the deco mesh and start over using the same concept minus the fold over at the top?

  2. I started at the top and continued to loop and pin going round and round. When I was ready to change colors, I pinned the last loop and cut the deco mesh, then pinned the next color and continued with the loops.

  3. I really like this also in addition to the wreaths you make. Very cute and so festive looking. Loving it !!!

  4. I was curious what you do when you get to the you just pin a row around the bottom of the cone or stop just above the bottom? Also, can you post a picture of your Christmas one when you do it? I am interested in trying this and would like to see how yours turns out as well!


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