Monday, July 18, 2011

Episode 4: Deco Mesh Wreath--Step 4 (Adding Picks)


  1. Help please! I'm wanting to add some lightweight wooden signs to the middle of my deco mesh wreaths. I want the wooden sign on top of the deck mesh. I'm using a metal wire wreath from hobby lobby (didn't have a work wreath) and have just attached the mesh with floral covered wire. Eveytime I try to attach the sign, it just drooped down when I hang it... Advice? Secrets?

  2. I also have a similar issue but I'm using metal signs. I've already started the wreaths using grapevines (before watching videos on the floral & deco mesh wreaths) so I'm at the last step.
    I have this Garden Stake to attach & I've seen similar ones online/facebook, etc. & cannot figure out how to attach except for hot glue & it isn't working very well. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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