Sunday, July 31, 2011

Episode 25: Texas Tech University Deco Mesh Wreath

This video shows my first collegiate wreath and the materials I used to make it.  Seriously, if you find your collegiate ribbon, DO NOT HESITATE!  BUY IT!  AND, YES,  IT WILL BE EXPENSIVE!


  1. Re: gluing letters onto the deco mesh. The mesh is so porous. Do you just hot gun glue the back of the letters and put them onto the porous mesh? I'm just seeing the glue going everywhere since the mesh is so porous. Does there need to be some type of pressure applied to the letters until dried? If so, how do you apply pressure?


  2. Always pre-place your letters on the wreath so that you have a very good idea of the location the letters will be going so you can quickly place them after the hot glue is applied. I then put hot glue onto the back of the letters and put them on the mesh. You have to gather several layers of mesh behind the glue to provide more surface area for the letters and glue to adhere to and to also try and protect your fingers. I can't tell you how many times I have burned my fingers. While the mesh is porous, it does take to the hot glue very well. HTH!


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